Communicating through Social Media in Times of Crisis: A Case Study of Ajman Police General Headquarters

Researcher:  Prof. Shaymaa Elsaid Salim Omar – Coordinator of Integrated Marketing Communication Department – College of Mass Communication

Field of Specialization: Integrated Marketing Communication


Social media platforms are ideal tools for disseminating socially relevant messages and communications in times of crisis, based on the principles of transparency, trust, and relationship building. This study was aimed at analyzing the practice of socially responsible communications by security institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this context, the study undertook a detailed analysis of digital content on the official Instagram account of Ajman Police.

Parameters analyzed included publication rate, nature of posts, their objectives and strategy, and the rate of audience interaction with the content provided. In addition, the study also aimed to come up with suggestions for improving the effectiveness of communications practices by security institutions in times of crisis.

Research Outcomes: 


  • Content published about the pandemic increased by (73%) compared to other topics. In the second month of the period under consideration, pandemic-focused content published on the platform reached (99%), corresponding to the heightened risk and increased number of Covid-19 infections. This reflects the high situational awareness and sense of social responsibility of Ajman Police in times of crisis, which helped raise public awareness and reassured people of their readiness during the pandemic.


  • The posts reflect the diversity of languages used, hashtags, and visual elements. They also reflect the various objectives and strategies behind the posts such as; informative, guidance and awareness, warning, motivation, stakeholder happiness, highlighting achievements and police readiness, and psychological support and public reassurance. The results emphasize the high rate of user interaction with posts.


Research Impact:

This study uncovered many findings, suggestions and best practices to increase the effectiveness of governmental digital communication through social media platforms in times of crisis. In addition, it provided recommendations for enhancing social responsibility communications through these platforms for government institutions, especially security institutions.