Ahmad Mohammad Ali Alzubi
  • Ahmad Mohammad Ali Alzubi

  • Associate Professor
  • Ext: 6017

I’m an associate professor in the psychology department- Ajman University since the first semester of 2018. I participate in the work teaching, mentoring, training and participating in committees such as accreditation, academic effectiveness and exams, counseling and practicum. I am studying various courses in the field of psychology such as: General, developmental, physiology, educational, personality, social, and others. I have experience teaching talent, creativity and thinking. I have research published in Arab and international journals indexed in various topics in psychology such as: intelligence, creative thinking, critical thinking, motivation, personality, brain-based learning, habits of mind, positivity, personality and learning styles, and others. I hope to see our students work efficiently in the most prestigious psychological institutions and provide great services to their society; because the increasing of pressure, anxiety and tension experienced by individuals in the digital age

  • PHD. Psychology, Amman Arab University, Jordan, 2005
  • Master psychology- Mu'tah University- Jordan- 2000
  • Bachelor's degree in Language and Literature - Education, Yarmouk University - Jordan - 1991
  • Associate Proffesor, Psychology Department, Ajman University, UAE, 2018- Now
  • Proffesor, psychology and special education department, Al Balqa Aplied University, 2018
  • Associate Professor, psychology and special education department, Al Balqa Aplied University, Jordan, 2018
  • Visitor Associate Professor. Education department, Abu Dhabi University, UAE, 2015- 2016.
  • Assistant Professor, psychology and special education department, Al Balqa Aplied University, Jordan, 2007- 2013
  • Counselor and trainer of social and psychological skills (communication and thinking), Center for Performance Improvement, King Saud University, Preparatory Year, Saudi Arabia, 2008-2009
  • Head of the Department, Educational Department, Al-Quds College, Jordan, 2005
  • Head of the Department, Education Department, Princess Alia University College, Al Balqa Applied University, Jordan, 2009- 2010
  • Assistant Director for Academic Affairs, Ministry of Education, Jordan, 1993-2005
Teaching Area
  • 2018- Now Ajman University
  • 2015- 2016 Abu Dhabi University- Al ain
  • 2010- 2018 Al Balqa Aplied University
  • 2008-2009 King Saud University
  • 2007- 2008 Al Balqa Applied University
  • 2005- 2007 Al Quds Collage, Jordan
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Conference Presentation
  • Alzoubi, A. (2018). The First International Conference of Educational Sciences college, Mutah University: Towards a future vision for preparing the students of the Faculties of Education in light of the global changes. I presented Paper entitled: Future orientation and its relation to the five major factors of personality and achievement among the students of Princess Alia University College, 16- 18 April, 2018.
  • Alzoubi, A... (2017). meeting challenges providing opportunities. Gifted students problems in specific and normal schools in Jeddah governorate in KSA. International conference on inclusive education: education for diversity, UAE, Abu Dhabi University (15- 16/3/2016).
  • Alzoubi, A. (2010). A working paper on Al-Balqa Applied University plan for child education: reviewing the competencies of kindergarten teachers. Save the Children in cooperation with the Ministry of Education within the project to support the development of education towards a knowledge economy, Amman, Jordan, 22-7-2010.
  • - Alzoubi, Ahmad (2020). Creative thinking between divergent and convergent thinking: Applications to the gifted. Scientific Forum of Gifted Care. 25- 27 Oct. 2020. The ministry of Education -King Saudi Arabia
  • Alzoubi, Ahmad & Abdallah, Rasha (2021). Intrinsic motivation among the students in UAE Schools in light of some variables. Excellence, Creativity and Innovation and Gifted Education. Ajman University & the International Center for Innovation in Education (ICIE). June, 2021.
Memberships, Awards and Honors
  • Founding member of Jordanian Association for Jordanian gifted and creative. Amman- Jordan.
  • Founding member of the Arab Researcher Association - United Arab Emirates.
  • Member of The Jordanian Psychological Association