IT Club

The IT Club was founded in 2017, it provides activities that range from conferences and workshops to fun trips and challenges. Run by the students for the students, the IT Club unites the students in activities that engage their interests.  Delivering fun all the time while helping student develop their careers through challenges and workshops conducted on-campus or outside the university. 



This program was designed mainly to present the use of Artificial intelligence and the Internet of things in our daily registration system to the IT club.
We have used a simple webcam to identify the student to ensure if he or she is already registered, if not the smart Sumerian will ask the student to register and fill his/ her information for the system to store it in database with also a cropped photo of the student by 99% accuracy and allow the system to identify easily the next time he/ she appear.
This program was made with the help of ThingLogix foundry with serverless coding, a highly secure database and some resources mentioned in the below video.
It may easily be implemented for different purposes and uses in our daily life for example; an attendance system or home system as it is built to easily identify the user.