Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

Students Testimonials

 Ebrahiem Abdalrazak Alhamoud  

"I chose to study IT because I love computers and technology since I was a little boy. I got my first ICDL when I was 14 years old, and I participated in the regional olympics in the informatics field (came out second on my province). So I always had that passion. As per why I chose AU. Because I was looking for a distinguished and prestigious place in where I can pursue a degree. I was studying medicine back home and didn’t work out well for me so I had to pick a place that could help me succeed in a better way than my previous school.

Because of CoVid-19, I didn’t have the chance to fully exploit my college experience in AU. However, I have made a lot of great friendships with both students and teachers. It is so fun, so easy, and I hope to return the favor to AU someday the same way they treated me."


Lama Z. K. Shoshaa

"I chose to study IS/E-business management at Ajman university for multiple reasons. The main reason is that AU is one of the unique and rare universities that provide this program in the UAE. Also, AU is one of the top 35 universities in the Arab world. moreover, the facilities and the studying rooms are well prepared and provided with the highest technologies that any student need in their study. And there are a lot of partnerships that AU made like google and Huawei that expands our study and develop our skills.

Life in AU is very interesting the environment in the university is comfortable even though there are different nationalities but there are no barriers in commentating also there are a lot of activities that are conducted like exhibitions that including famous companies or competitions that make your student life more enjoyable."


Ramsha Ansari

"I chose to study my program at AU because I was specifically looking for a program that would provide me with IT and management expertise. Hence, the program BSc. Information System / Project Management was a perfect choice for me, and AU is one of the few universities offering it.

My student life at AU has been relatively calm and pleasant. I have met people from various cultures and celebrated our diversity through various collaborations, clubs, and events. I have also had the privilege of studying under some incredibly welcoming professors that are always present to guide me."  



 Alumni Testimonials 

 Hessa Aljammaz

Graduation year 2018

Team Leader, General Administration of Information Systems at the Ministry of Interior, E-Services, Kuwait

"I chose to study the IS program at AU because it is a strong university and teaches the student how to motivate himself and be independent. Ajman University and my instructors added value to my studying field. Nowadays, in my work field, I'm a successful person, the work performed during my employment period: update and develop the current website of the Ministry of the Interior, online residency renewal for individuals for (domestic workers / joining a family, etc.), online residency renewal for employees of private sector companies and government agencies, an electronic system for displaying tenders and practices on the Ministry of Interior website, update passport data for residents online to complete the residency renewal without the need for review, and electronic employee transfer service via the Ministry of Interior website.

Proud of AU graduate, and I'm so boastful that I was a CEIT student (IS/ Project Management)."


Abdalla Elshakra

Graduation year 2015

Senior IT Support Engineer at Microsoft

"AU had the program I was looking for.

AU helped me find my path for my career."


Mussad Haidary

Graduation year 2005

Senior IT Support Engineer at Dubai Customs

"I chose to study at AU because it because it is one of the strongest academic universities in UAE

AU opened the door for a successful career life, which helped me to shape my future."


Alaa Faris

Graduation year 2010

Senior Service Development Officer, Sharjah Islamic Bank

"AU was the only university offering the Information Systems program in its contents and technology values, which represent the Information System values in business industry.

AU was the best choice for a working student with the flexibility in timing and classes' sections opening taking in consideration the day and evening working students.

AU gave the opportunity to introduce two major industries and fields in the market (Technology and Business Management). Giving the first step, clear overview, and deep drilling in particular courses to build the knowledge and skill of improvement helped me in personal to merge my career experience in Customer Experience Management with Information Systems knowledge."




Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


Students Testimonials

Ibrahim Saleh Ali Almathkoor Alteneiji

"I have had my share of experiences in previous universities that have not gone well previously, studying Mechanical Engineering as I thought that that was a secure major that would propel me into a great future, and while I can’t blame any institute I have previously studied and only misguided actions I have taken personally, recommendations from my sister -which is an AU graduate- and my uncle have made me consider Ajman University as my first choice after I have completed my national service. The cherry on top is that I made the decision to pick Networking and Security as my major, which have always been a deep passion of mine and something I practiced as a hobby ever since I was younger.

Networking and Security have always been a deep passion of mine ever since I got my hands on the legendary WRT54GL and started to optimize the speed by picking the least congested 2.4Ghz channel in the vicinity. As to I have come to regret later, I only thought of Networking and Security, or IT in general as a hobby and did not choose to pursue it as career, I went with the stereotype that Engineering is the default choice and went with it. Due to personal mistakes and the lack of passion towards engineering my previous attempt did not have a happy ending, so when I got the chance to try again I chose the major I love and the one I had the most knowledge about.

If I was asked to summarize my experience in Ajman University, caring and nurturing would be the first two words that come to my mind. In regards to the academic life in AU, throughout all my interactions with staff from the college of Engineering and IT, all have worked hard for the students best interest. I have studied in two Universities in UAE previously and went abroad for a brief delegations program to study in one of the largest universities in South Korea so I can say this with confidence, from professors to teaching assistants here in Ajman University, they want to properly teach students and put a lot of care and effort into that, and it truly shows.

When talking about the student life, the sports complex and the students clubs bring a sense of belonging when you find people who have the same interests as you. The introduction of the student hub was a really huge positive for me personally as it gave me a place to either wind down and relax between classes, or meet up with my friends and have a study session before a test.Another thing I really appreciate from the AU community is that they truly listen to the students, during the pandemic there are many things that had to change, and when surveys given to students asking them about their needs helping them cope with the big change that occurred, it just made me feel proud to be a part of this community."


Abdullah Adel Ebrahim Abdullah

"In fact, I chose to study at Ajman University after a comparison with several universities that offer the same program, which is information technology (networks and security), and the comparison was based on several things such as education quality, tuition fees, location...etc., and so I chose to study at Ajman University. 

For me, experiencing academic life through the online was difficult and challenge at the same time, but in my opinion the student’s life is a foundation for learning and growing. So, me as a student i must face all types of situations in order to overcome any obstacles i will faced in the future. " 


Hifsa Tayyab Malik

"We are living in the age of technology. I have always believed and seen that IT is an all time progressing and evolving field. Nowadays we rely on networking and connectivity more than ever. I chose this major as I wanted to challenge myself to enter this competitive environment and become a part of this field. A bachelors in this stream followed by a masters will undoubtably lead me to a rewarding career. Thanks to Ajman University for being one of the few universities in the UAE to deliver this course.

Although Ajman University challenges us academically throughout the semesters, managing your time and putting in consistent effort will surely give you a sense of accomplishment regardless of your grades.

Even though I have not personally experienced much of a social life in this university due to the pandemic, I am keen to socialize and participate in physical activities once our lives get back to normal."


Alumni Testimonials 

Ahmed Ali Albazi

Graduation year 2015

Network Administrator at Thuraya Telecommunications Company

"The purpose of choosing Networking and Security Major as it is highly needed in the job market and it is the future.

AU helped me a lot in understanding how the major is and how the work should be done. I am currently using many techniques that I have learned during my study in the work."


Sameh Alaa

Graduation year 2015

Information Security Engineer at New York Institute of Technology

"As AU was the only University that had at that time these very specialized IT degree

Most of the knowledge given throughout my bachelor’s degree, made my base very strong in networking and security, helping me to evolve in the security area firmly."