I chose this program because I am very enthusiastic about technology plus I have a very good business mentality and this major offered me the ability to combine my skills and my interests together also how to effectively evaluate situations and grow to be a professional project manager in the future

I am very pleased with my academic and student life here at AU , I have a very healthy relationship with my colleagues and professors, I'm an active member of the IT Club , I'm also part of the student ambassadors here at AU so my overall academic and student life is very plentiful.

Ahmed Mounir

Ahmed Mohammed Mounier A. M. Badawi ,201120839

Information Systems / Project Management



I've always wanted to learn about the processes that take place in IT such as software development, information security processes, etc. AU College of IT made that possible and also provided me with a bonus which was teaching me about the business side as well. Therefore I feel that I got the best education in both fields.

I loved every minute spent during my academic years because not only did we have very friendly professors who treated us with a high sense of respect and considered us to be their children and brothers but also the activities in the college really helped me maintain my student - life balance. 


Ibrahim Youssef Slaiman, 201210379

Information Systems / Project Management



When I came to Ajman for family reasons, I asked around for a good university and I got many positive feedbacks for Ajman University..

So thanks to its good reputation, I chose it as to gain the knowledge required to build my future and fulfil my dreams. 

I have been in another university before AU, but for me, Ajman University is better for many reasons. 

I will mention two reasons I really like here. The first is the special relationship between the students and the teachers; it is something that I noticed during my student life because this thing is very important to me.

The second reason is that the university provides us with the opportunity to participate in many competitions, events and challenges that help us to develop ourselves, show our capabilities and be more creative.



Laetitia Oukala, 201520185

Information Technology/ Database and Web Systems



AU has modern facilities and great faculty, all at affordable prices to everyone.

From sports complex to a library to healthcare. a wide range of activities and a welcoming faculty. I have everything for an atmosphere of academic excellence. 

Omar Hafez

Omar Hafez Mustafa Hafiz Mohamed ,201212006

Information Technology/ Networking and Security


Some of my graduated friends suggested me Ajman University after I finished my high school and with that, I too did a simple research about the program I was interested in.  

I chose college of Information Technology with a major Networking and Security because this program was providing technical skills as well as general education knowledge that allow any student / graduate of the program to provide IT solutions and ideas that satisfy competitive market and societal needs.

Academically Ajman University provides every required help, which keeps us (as students), indulged in to our respective courses. Faculty and Professors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable and teach everything that matches the current and future aspects of competitive market or technology. As a student, Ajman University provides many facilities to keep us fresh and healthy be it a lavish library, sport complex services, outdoor and indoor games, body fitness place.  All these facilities have different timings, which does not conflict with any of the course class.  

Muhammad Attabik

Muhammad Attabik Younis Muhammad Hashim, 201311934

Information Technology/ Networking and Security 


I chose Ajman University for their distinguished program in Information technology, which helps me more with my desired goals for the future  

My academic life in Ajman university is really interesting for me , being an honored student for my academic performance was a very big push to my studying, the doctors support and help is always important For my student life I enjoy the facilities that the university is offering from the gym , swimming pool and the library. And the variety of clubs available in the university is really amazing as I am the president of the art club in Ajman University


Reem AlaaEldin Yousef Sobeih, 201610437

Information Technology/ Database and Web Systems 



I chose to study Networking and Security at Ajman University due to the excellent faculty they have, and the high knowledge they build in us.

Last year I was a pharmacy student and this is my first year as an IT student. I had great support from both our dean Dr. Mirna and our head of IT department Dr. Riyadh.  I love how the college is so keen on encouraging us to take part in external activities such the hackathon and EDUCOM. I'm so happy that I'm a student at this college.


Haneen Ayar Saleh Al Arfaj, 201610201

Information Technology/ Networking and Security




I chose to study my major (IT N/S) at AU because it's one of the few universities in UAE that offers this program, and the university is conveniently a bit close to where I live compared to other colleges, plus my sister was already studying here.

I met many great people and made many new friends, I enjoyed some courses more than others, it was also exhausting and stressful at times to keep up a consistent academic performance in all semesters but hard work always pays off. 

Amena Mohsen

Amena Mohsen Ali Yaser, 201411247

Information Technology/ Networking and Security 


I have been a student of AU for almost 3 years now. It has been an immensely enjoyable experience. To be honest, my decision to join AU was mainly based on financial restrictions. Though, this does not take away anything from the accreditation and competence of the program and the instructors.

Life in general at AU feels very tight-knit with the smaller number of students in my program and that helps form better bonds with the instructors and students. Not many universities can claim to have that. Speaking of instructors, I have only positive experiences with them and that cements the fact that my decision to join AU was right 

Mustafa Shahnwaz

Mustafa Shahnawaz Mukadam, 201520267

Computer Engineering 


I always wanted to create, invent or do something that will affect people’s life or help change the world because I feel that it is just fun to be called the wizard of society where you fix the most impactful problems with solutions you only know! That is why I choose to be a computer engineer at one of the top ranked universities in UAE, Ajman University, to give me this great opportunity.

Leaving school and starting a totally different stage in life was not easy at all, especially when realizing that my entire future depends on the decisions I make now. 

When choosing a university, I found it relatively easy to decide where to go, as Ajman University has been proven to be a pioneering leader in the higher education arena, However, deciding the field I wanted to major in was what I found challenging. 

Academic qualification is the main motive for young adults to pursue higher education. While I do agree that it is important to get a degree to be an effective individual in the society, I believe that personal growth is also equally important and it is achieved through university social life where we meet friends who support us and help us prosper. 

It is important to socialize and meet new friends. As Friends will be the supportive base, the ones who understand what I am going through, because they are probably going through the same. 

However, you have to learn to balance your academics and social life.  

To be honest at first, I wasted so much time socializing and hardly any time in the library. But, after seeing the results of this on my grades, I have worked on myself to make a good balance.

Ayah Ahmad

Ayah Ahmad Fatehi Agha Qasem, 201610263

Computer Engineering