Department of Information Technology


The Department of Information Technology aims to provide quality education in the field of information technology and information systems based on internationally recognized standards for undergraduate programs; produce information technology and information systems professionals who can deploy efficiently IT technologies and implement IT solutions according to market and society needs, particularly in the UAE and Gulf region; and prepare individuals for lifelong learning and research.


To be among the top recognized Information Technology Departments in the region.


Faculty members

Assistant Professor, Head of Information Technology Department
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Associate Professor
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Associate Professor
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Associate Professor, BSDA Program Coordinator
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Associate Professor
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Associate Professor
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Assistant Professor
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Academic Support

Assistant Instructor
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Assistant Instructor
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Assistant Instructor
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Assistant Instructor
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Assistant Instructor
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Admin Support

Degree Programs

The Department currently offers two distinct Bachelor degree programs, which provide the student with an excellent theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to prepare her/him for professional career or further study in the field of computing. All programs are accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation.

Programs offered are:
  1. Bachelor in Information Technology with two concentrations:
    • Networking & Security, and
    • Database & Web systems
  2. Bachelor in Information Systems with two concentrations:
    • Project Management
    • E-Business Management
  3. Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

The Department has adequate lab space for students of its programs to enhance their practical skills as well as to work on their projects:

  • Six Computer Labs
  • Four Project Labs
  • Two Network Labs