Ibrahim Fawzi Ismail
  • Ibrahim Fawzi Ismail

  • Assistant Instructor
  • Ext: 6890

Mr. Ibrahim Fawzy has been working as an Assistant Instructor at Ajman University for more than 20 years. He has been teaching Lab in many IT courses, ranging from General education, basic courses, to specialized major IT courses. Where he was involved in the preparation of distinguished scientific and technical cadres in various fields of information technology. Mr. Ibrahim is one of the active staff in bulling governmental and industrial partnerships for college Engineering and IT (CEIT) for example not inclusive to Dubai Police, Ajman Police and Dubai Statistics center. over his long career as faculty at AU he has delivered many workshops in computer science to industrial organization like to the employees of Dubai Securities and Commodities Authority and Dubai Municipality. Mr. Ibrahim has always been passionate about supporting students in advising, recruitment, and extra curriculum activities. He also coordinates international relations with academic partners for CEIT.