Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Vision of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) Department

The vision of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to be recognized as the leading Electrical & Computer Engineering Department in the region.

Mission of Electrical & Computer Engineering Department

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE) aims to provide high quality education to its students by focusing on developing their technical as well as generic skills so that they are well qualified for gainful employment in electrical & computer engineering disciplines and can effectively contribute to the advancement of the community. It also aims to promote research and community engagement as well as prepare its students for graduate studies in electrical & computer engineering.

  • Electronics Labs
  • Communication Labs
  • Projects Labs
  • Renewable Energy Lab
  • Control Lab
  • CAD Lab
  • Digital Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Machine lab

Electrical Engineering

Name Ext Email Designation
Ayman El Sayed A. Tawfik 785 Head of department
Fahar G. M. Hayati 6705 Dean
Mustahsan Mir 6800 Professor, Executive Director of OIPE
Kamran Arshad 6027 Dean of Graduate Studies & Research
Khalid Ali S. Ammar 6616 Assistant Professor
Rao Naveed Bin Rais 6617 Associate Professor
Hasan Abdel Rahim A. Zidan 6749 Associate Professor
Muhammad Akmal Chaudary 6892 Associate Professor
Konstantinos Aidinis 6724 Associate Professor
Maher Assaad 6789 Associate Professor
Zulfiqar Ali Memon 6774 Assistant Professor
Hamdy Mohamed Abdelhamid Hamed Associate Professor
Ahmed Bilal Awan Assistant Professor