Prepare for a Hi-Tech Career with an Engineering and IT Degree from Ajman University

Monday, Apr 25, 2022
Prepare for a Hi-Tech Career with an Engineering and IT Degree from Ajman University

Fancy a career in Engineering? Or a high-flying career in Data Analytics or AI? Ajman University’s College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT) is best placed to help launch your engineering career, thanks to its futuristic courses and strong focus on career and employability.

Challenging job market

 The United Arab Emirates' current job market is experiencing a fundamental transformation under the forces of globalization, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, both domestically and internationally, unemployment and the need to upskill and reskill are rising in every industry. Higher education institutions must adapt to the changing and dynamic labour market conditions in order to provide graduates with the necessary job-ready skills. As a result, incorporating work-integrated learning into higher education curriculum is becoming a requirement for employability.

CEIT’s strong focus on developing employable skills

 The college of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT) has closely observed the evolving trends in the industry and understands what current and future employers are looking for in engineering graduates. Therefore, the college has adopted a curriculum focusing on 21st-century skills, which improves students' employability.

 As a result, the college has more than 7,000 graduates working internationally and within the United Arab Emirates.

Key initiatives

The following are some of the college's key initiatives to further enhance the employability of its graduates: 

  •  Regularly updating curriculum of existing majors and adapting them to the changing technologies in order to meet industry demands.
  • Offering new majors such as AI and Data Analytics that meet market needs.
  • Enhancing students'employability by understanding their individual career goals and aspirations, and supporting them in achieving future career success.
  • Supporting students during their studies and after graduation by offering career counselling, suitable internship opportunities, employment engagement, employment opportunities, and career days.
  • Providing students transferable skills and knowledge that would enable them to gain employment and be successful in their future work.

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