Humanities and Social Sciences Research Center (HSSRC)


The Humanities and Social Sciences Research Center (HSSRC) aims to organize major research projects and study important societal issues within the Emirati society and other cultural groups globally. HSSRC will provide a distinct climate of comprehensive research opportunities as well as an ability to attract high-quality scientific researchers through partnerships and collaborations. The center will promote innovative research, develop new generations of social scientists, deepen how inquiry is practiced within and across disciplines, and mobilize important knowledge on pressing community issues.


To become a leading Center in the Arab Middle East region we aim to provide services and support to address issues within the research fields of humanities, social sciences, community studies, and educational studies. This will give social scientists the ability to reach other professionals in government, non-profit organizations, shareholders, and the public to make research contributions to these fields easily accessible to address regional and global concerns today.


To strengthen research culture in humanities and social sciences that are related to community studies such as case studies and field studies in UAE society and that will contribute to educational and language studies programs. Furthermore, we are working with partners all over the world to connect research to practice and policy, to strengthen individual and institutional learning capacities, and to improve public access to information.

Goals and Objectives

HSSRC seeks to achieve the following goals and objectives:

  • Generate research plans and programs in humanities and social sciences and social issues that are consistent with the AU mission and goals to become a leading  research university with a high international ranking.
  • Conduct, locally and internationally, research opportunities that incorporate fieldwork, past and present case studies and collaborate within a peer-review framework with the ability to address societal issues in the UAE and other countries and provide recommendations and solutions.
  • Hold conferences, training workshops, seminars, and lectures to develop, improve, and achieve AU’s research and community service objectives.
  • Encourage and support applied research, field studies, and case studies related to the development and service of the UAE society.
  • Hold local and international collaboration agreements and provide financial support for studies and research projects.
  • Provide faculty members and students from the College of Humanities & Social Sciences with all possible resources needed to conduct research and studies that benefit the Emirati society.
  • Organize an annual international educational conference on learning and instruction, creativity and innovation in education, and new trends in teaching and assessment strategies.

Organizational Structure

  • Board of Administration: Professor Shaher Momani, Head of HSSRC, and Dr. Soumaya Abdellatif, Deputy-Head
  • Scientific Council: Professor Shaher Momani-
  • Soumaya Abdellatif- Dr. Mohamed Al Tahir- Dr. Sami Al Qatawneh- Dr. Najeh Alsalhi.
  • General Secretary and Rapporteur: Dr Najeh Alsalhi.
  • Members: Thirteen faculty members from the College of Humanities and Sciences; from the following departments: Sociology, Psychology, Education, and Languages.
  • Associate Researchers from national and international Universities.
  • Subsequently, the center will be joined by three adjunct faculty? members from several international universities.

Suggested Partners (not exclusive)

The suggested external partners are as follows: (Others may also be considered)
1) Yale University, USA
2) Griffith University, Australia.
3) University of Paris, France
4) University of Liege, Belgium
5) University La Sapienza, Roma, Italy
6) Ajman Statistics and Competitiveness Center, UAE.
7) University of Sharjah, UAE.

Associate Researchers (Non-exhaustive list)

  • Jonas Elbousty, Yale University, USA.
  • Zahia Ouadah Bedidi, University of Paris.
  • Professor Mohamed Nachi, Liege University, Belgium.
  • Elena Ambrosetti, La Sapienza, Roma, Italy
    (To be completed).

Research Groups

Main Research groups in the HSSRC are:

Social Sciences Research Groups (SSRG)
Education Studies (ESRG)
Sociology and anthropology
Demography and population studies
Languages, Literature and Civilizations (LLCRG)
Law, Institutions and Societies

Business Social Impact for Disadvantaged Groups (BSIDG).

  • Dr. OSAMA MEQDADI, Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, Audencia Business School
  • Dr. Amel Beichi, Assistant Professor in Sociology
  • Prof. Abdesselam Salmi
  • Dr. Samer Ben Romdhane
  • Dr. Najeh Alsalhi

  Note: Any qualified faculty members can join the research groups after obtaining the approval of the HSSRC Council






HSSRC Team Members

 Head of HSSRC        HSSRC Members       

06 705 6446
Ajman Campus
Assistant Professor
06 705 6219
Ajman Campus
Full-time Research Associate
06 705 6035
Ajman Campus
Associate Professor, Associate Dean
06 705 6438
Ajman Campus
Associate Professor, Head of Education Department
06 705 6401
Ajman Campus
06 705 6117
Ajman Campus
Assistant Professor - HOD of Psychology
06 705 6127
Ajman Campus
Associate Professor
06 705 5157
Ajman Campus
06 705 6378
Ajman Campus
Assistant Professor
06 705 6694
Ajman Campus
06 705 6935
Ajman Campus
Associate Professor, Head of Foreign Languages
06 705 6676
Ajman Campus
Associate Professor
06 705 6130
Ajman Campus
Assistant Professor
06 705 6025
Ajman Campus
Associate Professor
06 705 6017
Ajman Campus
Associate Professor
06 705 5460
Ajman Campus
Assistant Professor
06 705 6942
Ajman Campus



HSSRC Publications

  •  Alsalhi, Najeh. R., Omar, Khawla., Eltahir, Mohd. E., & Al-Qatawneh, Sami. S. (2022). Undergraduate students' perceptions of the use of simulation software through online learning in colleges of engineering during the covid-19 pandemic: A case study at al-Balqa applied university, Jordan. Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences. 10 (1), .678-691. DOI:
  • Alsalhi, Najeh. R., Qusef, Abdallah. D., Al-Qatawneh, Sami. S., & Eltahir, Mohd. E. (2022). Students’ Perspective on Online Assessment during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Higher Education Institutions. Information Sciences Letters. 11 (1), 37-46.
  • Tizreena Binti Mohd Ismail, & Najeh Rajeh Alsalhi. (2022). Language Assessment and Writer Identity in Higher Education:
    A Qualitative Analysis of Labeling Learners through Placement Tests. Information Sciences Letters. 11 (2), 417- 426.
  • Beichi, A. M,. Tchalabi, S.M,. & Najeh Alsalhi, N.R. (2022). Internal Consistency Between Validity a nd Reliability in Academic Research: An Evaluation Study. Journal of Statistics Applications and Probability. 11(1), 207-2016.
  • Balsam Qubais Saeed, Najeh Rajeh Alsalhi, Ahmed Omar Adrees, & Kubais Saeed Fahady. (2022). Knowledge and Practice of People toward Enhancing the Immune System before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic. information Sciences Letters. 11 (2), 309- 317.
  • Amel Mohamed Beichi, Sakina Mhamed Tchalabi & Najeh Rajeh Alsalhi. (2022). A Comparative Study of Social Life Style in Infected and Uninfected Youth with Covid-19. information Sciences Letters. 11 (2), 369-383.
  • Balsam Saeed, Bakhtawar Imtiaz1, Shaikha Alhaj, Sana Alnoman, Abdelrahman Nouh ,Kamel Al Homsi, Ahmed Omar Adrees, Najeh Alsalhi, & Kubais Saeed Fahady. (2022). Knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and, risk perception towards seasonal influenza and vaccination among adult population of UAE. Periodicals of Engineering and Natural Sciences. 10(2), 30-40.
  • A. Zehioua, A. Beichi , N. Alsalhi  and A. Bara. (2022). Distance Education during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Transactional Distance Theory Perspective. information Sciences Letters. 11 (2),  399-415. 




Activities of HSSRC

  • Webinar untitled “ Qualitative Research Methods and their importance in Contemporary Sociology” ( ندوة عبر اإنترنت بعنوان : المناهج الكيفية: أهميتها في السيوسيولوجيا المعاصرة)

  • ندوة عبر الإنترنت بعنوان: دور المشتريات في تعزيز التأثير الإجتماعي للشركات (CSR) -المسؤولية الإجتماعية للشركات


Activities Announcements