AUST Students Showcase their Talent at the SD Tradeshow 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Student Mohammed Osman Baloola from Ajman University of Science and Technology won two prizes at the fourth UAE Software Tradeshow 2010, held by Wollongong University, Dubai.

The fourth edition of this annual competition brought together 16 participating teams from 10 universities from across the UAE.  Ajman University was represented by 3 teams from the IT College and 1 team from the Engineering College.

The projects presented by AUST IT students were as follows: “Incremental Innovation in Academic Settings”, by Alaa M. Faris Khanfer and Abo Baker Salman, “Microcontroller – Based Egg Incubator”, by Baha K. Ali Al Ali, Ibrahim Abdullah Baygan and Ahmad Salim Iravani, and “Nahola Al Shatoora”, by Ghadeer Abu Quta and Sara Al Haddad.

Mohammed Osman from AUST Engineering College won the third place in the “Business Judging” category and came the first in the “Voting for the Best Project” category for his project entitled “Electronic Healthcare System with Mobile Phone for Remote Monitoring and Control of Patients in Need of Continuous Care.” The winning project of this edition was Vwalk; a therapy system for children with walking difficulties, developed by two students from Wollongong University.

Dr. Ahmed Dabbagh, Director of the Academic e-Services Department, who supervised one of the participating IT students, expressed his appreciation to Mr. Abdullah Rumaithy, General Manager of Riadaa Group, for his interest in supporting AUST students’ endeavors and projects.

The Software Development Tradeshow is an opportunity for senior year undergraduate students and recent graduates majoring in Computer Science, Software Engineering or other IT-related areas to showcase their software projects to other students, academicians, professionals and the public in an interactive and competitive environment.