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Application Process

  1. Make sure you meet all basic eligibility requirements as outlined in eligibility section.
  2. On the webpage of the office of international academic affairs at AU, you can find the list of partner institutions. Visit the partner institutions’ websites, search by school and program or major. Research what you can study, where you can go and the university that will suit you. Make sure that you can pay the additional expenses mentioned above. Please note that you will need to meet both the AU and the host institution eligibility requirements. Click here to get the list of universities
  3. Visit the Office of international academic affairs at AU in the student hub on the 1st floor next to Deanship of Student Affairs Offices, discuss your exchange possibilities with the office Director and pick up the AU learning agreement form. 
  4. Apply online through the web, it will direct you to your OIAA exchange coordinator at college.
  5. Meet with your college exchange coordinator. Every college has a dedicated Exchange Coordinator. This is a member of academic staff who will be a key contact for academic and pastoral support throughout your exchange. Among other things, your Exchange Coordinator will be responsible for approving your course choices at the partner institution and for signing your learning agreement. You will discuss with your exchange coordinator the choice of program and the courses in which you wish to enroll in abroad, in order to ensure that all courses will receive full credit upon your return. 

College of

Exchange Coordinator



Mrs. Sahar F.Makky


Ms. Pecky Humayun


Dr. Mohammad Kashif Shaifq Khot


Dr. Konstantinos Aidinis

Humanities and Sciences

Mr. Samer Husni Zyoud


Dr. Abdessalam Salmi

Mass Communication

Dr. Safa Osman


Dr. Samir Bloukh


Hanine Bou Antoun, Director - Office of International Academic Affairs
Tel: +971 6 705 6681