4 Great Benefits of Taking a Minor While in College

Monday, Aug 08, 2022 Basma Abu Baker
4 Great Benefits of Taking a Minor While in College

What are you planning to major in college? Have you ever asked yourself if you should also have a minor? Do minors matter? Would it be worthwhile to pursue your passion as a minor while having your college major be something else? The answer might be “yes,” depending on your major and your goals.

A minor is a set of classes some college students choose as a way to enhance their education overall. Having a minor is not mandatory to graduate, however, it can provide you with some excellent benefits. These are some of the top reasons to consider choosing both a major and a minor.

Gain competitive edge

Studying a minor in college can help you gain a competitive edge over other job applicants when you start looking for employment. A minor can show that you’re able to handle classes in two areas of study or that you’re capable of mastering specialized knowledge in your field. This can help you get ahead of the competition as you begin looking for job opportunities and submitting applications.

Boost your resume

When you finish your bachelor's degree and enter the job market, you will find it is very competitive. Having a minor and a major listed on your resume helps it stand out from the competition, so you are more appealing to potential employers. Moreover, academic minors can help you fill a role within an organization that is more specialized. For example, if you major in business and minor in technology, you might increase the chance of landing a job in an IT department of a finance company rather than a traditional business role.

Gain networking opportunities

Choosing a minor and a major could end up providing you with networking opportunities. These opportunities are an important part of getting your career off to a good start in your field. With both a major and a minor, you’ll be getting to know more professors and other faculty members. You might also be able to contact alumni from both programs and have access to events and other opportunities to meet with professionals in both areas. 

Explore your interests

When you’re busy studying for your major, you might not think too much about your interests. Adding a minor in another academic subject area allows you to explore areas of interest outside of that one subject area. This can give your brain a break from focusing solely on your major during college.

Minor programs offered by Ajman University

The minor programs adopted by Ajman University (AU) are designed to give students more edge in the job market, allowing them to build an acceptable level of understanding in a field other than their specializations. AU minor programs are offered to students of the same colleges as well as students from other colleges, after obtaining their academic degree. Students who enroll in these minors have to complete 5 to 6 courses, the equivalent of 15 to 18 credited hours.

Minors are currently available in the fields listed below:

  • College of Engineering has launched two minors; Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Engineering students enrolled in Interior Design or Architecture can complement their training with a minor in Electrics or Biomedicals. Non-engineering students may also be admitted.
  • For the IT College, 5 minors are offered to IT students to choose from. These minors are Information Systems, Web Development, Information Technology, Computer Science, and Networks and Security.

In addition, Accounting, Administration, Finance, and Marketing are offered by the Business Administration College as optional minors.