6 Tips for Succeeding in your First Year of College

Tuesday, Sep 06, 2022 Basma Abu Baker
6 Tips for Succeeding in your First Year of College

Congratulations on starting your first year of college! It’s an exciting moment, but it’s also normal to feel unsure and overwhelmed. This new chapter can be prepared for in several ways. The following tips can help you to have a smooth transition and build a foundation for a successful college year.


  1. Get involved on campus

Ajman University offers many clubs for students to join. Every semester students have the opportunity to learn more about these clubs by going to the clubs’ fair. Getting involved in clubs can also provide opportunities to share personal experiences and knowledge in the community.

  1. Polish your social skills

As you engage in social activities in college, you have the opportunity to observe how other people act in these situations. Throughout these observations and experiences, you can learn new ways to handle yourself in social situations. These skills will benefit you as you pursue a career and engage with people who interest and inspire you.

  1. Explore different subjects to find your true passion

College is all about exploration and discovery. Organize your schedule to take classes you're interested in and explore topics you'd like to learn more about. Without taking the time to explore, you'll never know what you're passionate about!

  1. Always go to class

There is just no better way to be successful than to go to class. By attending every class, you will not miss important material, you will also think more clearly about course topics and be better prepared for tests. In addition, class interaction can benefit you in many ways, such as being more engaged in learning, developing a network with other students, and forming a relationship with your professors.

  1. Meet with your academic advisor regularly

In order to ensure you're taking the right credits and completing your degree within a reasonable timeframe, you should meet regularly with your academic advisor. You don’t want to think you’re on track for graduation, only to find out you’re a few credits short and have to stay an extra semester or, worse yet, an extra year or two. If you regularly meet with your advisor, you can easily prevent this from happening!

  1. Explore time-management tools

Balancing the academic and social demands of college can be a challenge for students, especially first-year students. Smartphone apps can help you keep track of your study schedule and provide a visual of your free time and responsibilities. Spend your time wisely since getting distracted can stress you out if you have assignments due.


Though getting ready for your first year of college might be stressful, remember that the college journey doesn’t end after freshman year. If you follow the tips previously mentioned, you will be off to a good start in college.