A Glimpse of Student Life at Ajman University

Monday, Jun 27, 2022 Marwa Al Shekfa
A Glimpse of Student Life at Ajman University

One of the most highly anticipated aspects about entering university as a new student is the student life that comes along with the academic journey. Student life at Ajman University is a highly unique experience that plays a pivotal role in a student’s journey. Alongside the excellent academic experience that AU offers, there is a wide range of outstanding activities that allow students to enjoy and immerse themselves in university life. AU provides its students with access to many extracurricular activities, programs, and clubs, that help in enhancing the student’s academic experience.

As students strive to pursue their dream careers and goals, AU supports them by providing a comfortable learning environment and encouraging their skills and talents; and building a big community within the university. Student life at AU contains various aspects that are going to enhance the quality of your academic journey.


Here are 5 things that you can look up to in the student life at Ajman University:

1. Building Communities

A very big part of every student’s academic journey is creating bonds and connections. AU encourages its students to build communities among themselves to create a more friendly environment, and to improve its student’s academic experience.

Ajman University provides its students with over 90 student clubs that include various functions, such as; culture, social, hobbies, interests, education, etc.

Student clubs help to enhance students’ communication skills, knowledge, competencies, and much more. 

2. Outstanding Campus

The active campus life at Ajman university is one of the most highly anticipated things that new students look for once they join. Here are some of Ajman University’s most exciting campus highlights:

Student Hub

The newly built student hub is an absolute architectural beauty. With its modern structure, and sleek glass framework, it offers a pleasant experience for students to enjoy their time at the campus. The facilities provided within this building can satisfy all the students’ needs from a food court, library, resting and studying spaces, admissions, and much more.

Sports Complex

Ajman University’s sports complex is a fully equipped modern building that contains an indoor swimming pool, a multi-sports hall, two fitness centers, a billiard and a tennis table, as well as chess areas. The sports complex also has an outdoor playing field for volleyball, basketball, and football. There are also professional trainers available for all kinds of sports activities to ensure safety and skill development.  

Dorms and Hostels

Ajman University’s student hostels are fully serviced with all the necessities that a student needs along with many other hospitality facilities that guarantee students enjoyment and satisfaction. Dorms are designed in a modern, cozy and comfortable way to help students study and socialize.

Fully Equipped Labs

Laboratories at Ajman university are known for their exceptionally high-quality equipment that is provided to students to help them with their academic needs and necessities. Different colleges have different lab equipment that assist the students in their particular fields. There are 56 laboratories across the campus with a variety of functions and focuses.

3. Continuous Academic Assistance

Ajman university provides various programs and services that supports students academically throughout their journey in the University. AU academic support programs are tailored around the needs of students to ensure delivering the best quality education, and the creation of distinguished and exceptional students.

Student Success Center

Student Success Center (SSC) at Ajman university aims to help and assist students in their academic journey, to reach their full potential. SSC provides several services that are centered around student improvement and success.

The Peer-Tutoring Program

SSC provides the Peer Tutoring program to train students that have an excellent academic performance to become peer tutors. This allows them to provide tutorial sessions to students that need extra support in particular courses.

4. Fostering Leadership Talent

Ajman University fosters leadership talent and skills by conducting an annual student council election. The student council’s main purpose is to provide a platform to exceptional students, to express their thoughts and wishes on behalf of the other students, and to act as a bridge between students and the University administration.

5. Cultural Diversity

Ajman University is home to over 70 nationalities from all over the world. Its diverse workforce and students come from a variety of nationalities, cultures, religions, and ethnic backgrounds.

AU was recognized by the 2023 QSWUR and got listed as number 4 worldwide for international students and number 7 for international faculty members. Gaining acknowledgment as one of the world’s leading universities is a very unique distinction.