Is Ajman University Affordable?

Wednesday, Jul 13, 2022 Marwa Al Shekfa
Is Ajman University Affordable?

The struggle of finding the right university continues to be a highly stressful process for new students. Choosing the ideal university doesn’t only depend on selecting a high-quality program, there are plenty of other details that go into the process of choosing the right university. It can be overwhelming for students to make this choice on their own, and to consider all these aspects all at once, given the fact that this is a highly crucial decision in every individual’s life.

One of the most critical aspects that all students highly care about while choosing their respective university is affordability. Affordability plays a vital role in the student’s academic journey. Most students often stress about fees and the cost of their academic education; which is completely normal, and sometimes it can be stressful for students to choose their dream university while balancing the financial aspect of it.

As hard as it might seem, I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be alright!

Ajman University places high value on making university education affordable for everyone. It is AU’s belief that talent and not spending power should be the deciding factor for students to get into a university. In line with this philosophy, AU provides plenty of solutions for you to guarantee that you’re comfortable financially. Alongside affordable programs, AU provides a wide variety of scholarships, discounts, financial aid, and much more!

Let’s dive deep into these attractive offers by AU.

Scholarships and Discounts

Ajman University prioritizes providing a high-quality education to all students without letting financial limitations stand in the way. This includes providing a variety of scholarships and discounts with different concentrations and features. AU scholarships are known for being diverse and inclusive of all individuals, which makes it one of the most affordable universities in the UAE.

AU offers the following scholarships:

  • High School Graduates Scholarships

High school graduates who obtain a score of 90% or above and 95% or above are granted a 20% scholarship. Whereas high school graduates who obtain a score of 99% or above are granted a 30% scholarship.

High school toppers around the UAE are granted up to 100% scholarship.

  • Other Scholarships and Discounts

-           Determined students are granted up to a 100% scholarship.

-           First-degree relatives are granted up to a 20% scholarship.

-           ESAAD card holders are granted up to a 20% scholarship.

  • International Students Scholarships

Ajman University provides a variety of scholarships to students from different nationalities with the aim to support cultural diversity. High school toppers across the globe can get up to a 100% scholarship in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Oman, India, Pakistan, Philippines. In addition, all Omani students are granted up to a 20% scholarship.

For more detailed information on the above scholarships and other scholarships please check OSFA Webpage.

Financial Aid

With the sequence of unfortunate events in the past few years and mainly the global pandemic, the world went through a big economic crisis that had a global impact, resulting in more students encountering a setback in their financial status.

Despite everything AU stood in solidarity with the students who were affected by the economic and financial state of the world and provided generous amount of financial aid to help as many students as possible.


Thamer Fund

Thamer fund aims to help a specific group of students who might need financial assistance during their academic journey. This fund was set up with the idea of fulfilling the dreams of students of continuing their academic education regardless of their difficult financial circumstances.


Flexible Payment Plans

At Ajman University we validate our students’ different financial abilities, therefore we’ve created flexible financial plans that work on customizing a payment plan for each student’s financial capacity, with absolutely zero-interest and no charge installment plan that goes up to 12 months and post-dated cheques.


Fazaa Card

Fazaa is a social movement that strives to build social unity and create a big community within the UAE.

The Fazaa card is provided to all AU students, staff, and faculty, and its main duty is to provide a wide variety of discounts on a variety of activities, events, and products across the UAE, whether it’s food, shopping, hospitality, entertainment, etc.

Fazaa card holders save plenty of money when they take advantage of the wide variety of offers provided by the Fazaa group. This card helps students to minimize their daily spending amount and to balance out their financial status, therefore enhancing their academic experience.