Top Tips to Get the Most Out of the Open Day

Wednesday, Jul 20, 2022 Marwa Al Shekfa
Top Tips to Get the Most Out of the Open Day

As the start of the Fall semester approaches, new students face one of the most stressful situations of their academic life. Deciding on a particular university and program can be a daunting task for most students.

Processing all the information relating to various universities, their programs and relative advantages alongside financial aspects can be overwhelming.

 It’s very common for new students to struggle with expressing their concerns and questions to their respective university, mostly because they fear rejection or turn downs; which eventually leads to more confusion building up for students. The perfect solution to this problem is the Open Day!

  • What is an Open Day?

Open day is an event organized by universities to conduct information sessions dedicated to new students. College representatives from every college come together in one place to walk new students through everything they need to know about the university and the programs it offers, alongside the scholarships and discounts available.


  • Ajman University Open Day

Ajman University is known for hosting open days every semester for  students and applicants. The most recent upcoming open week is from July 18 to July 23 in the Sheikh Zayed Center.

The Open Week is organized to answer all of your queries and concerns. AU has gathered all its well-informed people for you so that you can have rich and informative answers to all of your important questions and concerns.


Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the open day:

  • Prepare Plenty of Questions 

It’s very common for you as a new student to have many questions and concerns, don’t be shy to express all of your inquiries to university representatives; they’ll be more than happy to answer them all for you. I advise you to pre-prepare your list of questions earlier so that you don’t forget any of them while you’re attending the open day.


  • Explore the Long List of Programs

Deciding on one program can be a very hard decision for students to make, especially since brand new programs are constantly being introduced in the market due to the fast-growing industries and technologies. And even though it might be highly stressful for students to make a final decision; I advise you to come to the Open Day and explore multiple programs instead of sticking to one or two only; always keep an open mind in the process of choosing your own program, because you never know what you can find going through the different programs and majors, you might discover new interests and competencies that you never knew you had.

Luckily, Ajman university offers a wide variety of programs and majors, which satisfies new students with different interests to enquire in as many programs as possible. The college representatives are present to provide all the well informative details about the programs that are of interest to students. Once you’ve decided on a program you can finally open an application file with the help of the college representatives and officially become a part of Ajman University.

  • Career Opportunities 

Career paths and opportunities play a vital role for most students when choosing their respective programs. A successful career path is a dream of every individual, therefore it is a very strong incentive for students to choose their program accordingly. The college representatives are very well informed when it comes to this topic so don’t hesitate to ask about the career opportunities with the programs that you have in mind and other programs; there is a big possibility that you might discover new interests this way.


  • Join the University Tour

Ajman university provides a full tour around the campus to new students so that they can feel comfortable and familiar with the campus before joining.

The tour includes a close insight into the equipped labs of all colleges, which can help new students find out their biggest interests when it comes to the practical aspects of the different programs and fields, and in fact, most students have chosen their respective program due to this tour because it helps students to experience their chosen programs and specialties up close.

The university tour doesn’t end here, it also includes the many fun facilities of the AU campus like the modern student hub building that includes a variety of activities and facilities that AU students enjoy, like the food court, library, resting areas, and the great outdoor seating area. Moving on the tour continues with touring around the sports complex that includes a variety of sports equipment and facilities that satisfies every athlete’s desires. The tour also includes a look at the student’s hostels and dorms. Last but not least, the Sheikh Zayed Center that includes a bunch of spacious halls that host all of the university’s events and ceremonies and much more.

  • Talk to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

The office of finance and scholarships is also present on the Open Day to guide you through all the financial aspects of your academic journey.

Feel free to ask the representatives all of your financial concerns and inquiries. They can provide you with all the information needed from your education costs to the wide range of offered scholarships, financial aid, discounts, and much more. On top of the affordable programs, students who attend the open day are granted numerous discounts on their tuition fees so don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!