Sports and Recreation

Participating in sports and fitness programs leads to positive health outcomes and fosters meaningful social connections. 

The Office of Athletics (OA) invites students to take the rewarding path to a healthier life. The OA is committed to encouraging the personal development and growth of students through the organization of a variety of co-curricular sports. AU boasts a new multi-sports facility with fully equipped amenities -- all operated under the supervision of qualified trainers. The complex Sports Complex includes a 25-meter swimming pool as well as fields/courts for football, handball, basketball, tennis and volleyball. A gymnasium is decked out for a variety of games; other halls provide spaces for chess and billiards. The locker and shower rooms are modern and spacious.

  • Contribute to student development through fitness & competition.
  • Provide opportunities for students to train and participate in national competitions.
  • Build better social skills and greater rapport between students.
  • Provide programs for a wide range of interest and skill levels in both recreational and competitive capacities.
  • Develop athletic skills through training and coaching.
  • Improve the overall wellbeing of all students at AU.
Better body, better life!
Contact Info

Asma Al Shamsi, Manager

Office of Athletics