Ajman University the first to receive Microsoft AI for Health Research Grant in the UAE

Monday, Jan 25, 2021
Ajman University the first to receive Microsoft AI for Health Research Grant in the UAE

Ajman University (AU) is pleased to announce that four of its faculty members have received the renowned Microsoft AI for Health research grant for their ongoing research relating to Covid-19. AU is the first university in the UAE to receive this highly coveted research grant.

Dr. Abd al Karim Haj Ismail, Prof. Samir Hadid and Prof. Shaher Momani, all belonging to Ajman University’s College of Humanities and Sciences, received research grants amounting to USD 100,000 each from Microsoft AI for Health.

Prof. Tarek Abdullatif from Ajman University’s College of Mass Communication also received a research grant of 46,000 AED from Microsoft AI for Health.

Launched in January 2020, Microsoft AI for Health program is focused on using artificial intelligence (AI) and data to help improve the health of people and communities worldwide. Microsoft adjusted the focus of this program in April 2020 to concentrate on the fight against Covid-19 by providing the funding and technical resources to top researchers around the world.

The four grantees from AU are involved in pioneering research related to various aspects of Covid-19.

Dr. Ismail’s work is focused on providing an analytical model for the evolution of COVID-19 strains, while Prof. Hadid and Dr. Momani are jointly working on a mathematical model of the Coronavirus pandemic using fractional derivatives. Prof. Tarek’s research focusses on ‘Applying the health criteria in everyday product design in light of the coronavirus pandemic’.

“Ajman University (AU) is strongly committed to promoting innovation, and social impact, and this grant is very much aligned with these core values of our pioneering institution,” AU Chancellor, Dr. Karim Seghir, said. “The rapid progress made through this Microsoft initiative will support our researchers in identifying sustainable solutions to the pandemic and provide timely information to policymakers for data-driven decisions that protect communities, cities and regions.”

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