From here to eternity, AU professor’s painting exhibited at art exhibition in romania

Tuesday, Jun 01, 2021
From here to eternity, AU professor’s painting exhibited at art exhibition in romania

Ajman University faculty are not only outstanding academics, but also great proponents and practitioners of art. Professor Platon Alexiou from Ajman University’s College of Architecture, Art & Design recently had the honor of representing the UAE in a prestigious international art exhibition, the A4 Small Graphics Salon 2021, where his painting was exhibited.

The exhibition was organized by the National University of Bucuresti, Romania. Prof. Platon’s ink and water color painting was entitled From here to eternity, 2020, 21x30 cm, Ink and Water Color on Paper, Artist’s Collection. 

The theme was inspired by the novel with the same title by James Jones, 1951, later turned into a blockbuster movie in 1953 that went on to win 13 Oscar nominations and 8 Oscar awards. 

“From Here to Eternity is a novel that has always fascinated me. The artwork I created is inspired by circumstances that prevailed around the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor depicted beautifully in the novel. Each object portrayed in the work represents something. The main curve represent motion, the water is symbolic of the island of Hawaii and ships, the vehicle depicted is a medium that takes one from here to eternity,” said Professor Platon, explaining his artwork.

Advising students on how they can develop better artistic sensibilities, Professor Platon said that understanding of cultures, philosophy and symbolism is extremely important in being able to mature as an artist.

Professor Platon, a Greek citizen, wears many hats as an artist, interior designer and archaeologist. His works have been exhibited and published globally across Australia, UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Bahrain, Greece and other countries. He is a graduate of the renowned Bauhaus Prototype School in the UK and did his PhD on the topic of Furniture Design in Ancient Greece.