Ajman University Innovation Centre Achieves Prestigious IKE Accreditation

Thursday, Jan 06, 2022
Ajman University Innovation Centre Achieves Prestigious IKE Accreditation

Ajman University is proud to announce that Ajman University Innovation Centre (AUIC) has achieved the Certified Innovation Centre benchmark awarded by the UK’s Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute).

The Certified Innovation Centre is a UK Government-backed certification scheme conducted by the IKE Institute. It covers innovation training, development and assessment with the aim of advancing innovation education, learning and development.

Based on the ISO 56000 series of international innovation guidance standards, it tests an institution’s innovation maturity and readiness in the four categories of innovative capability; ability to provide an empowered innovation environment; collaborative networking and ecosystem capability; and market trends and customer analysis capability.

Achieving the IKE Institute Certified Trade Mark Innovation Centre accreditation means that AUIC has taken an active role in supporting economic development through innovation, particularly, in the diffusion of technologies and applications; and, delivered value to its customers, users, partners and stakeholders.

Virtually a gold standard in innovation certification for university innovation centers, the IKE certification has previously been awarded to other leading UK institutions such as the City of Glasgow College, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford University, University of London, The University of Leicester, York St John University and the University of Plymouth among others.

Commenting on the achievement, Dr. Chuloh Jung, AUIC Director, said, “Ajman University’s Innovation Centre was established as part of our social responsibility commitment to encourage small to medium enterprises and governmental agencies to pursue innovation vigorously to deliver viable benefits to their customers and users as well as prepare them for disruption and emerging challenges. Achieving the IKE Institute Innovation Certification Trade Mark Scheme means that we have truly and independently tested the AUIC’s innovation capabilities that can meet international standards of innovation best practice.”

AUIC has been active since 2016 and drew its inspiration for innovation development from the Korean Innovation Centres model to galvanise an ecosystem of start-ups, funders, investors and technology leaders, together with innovation mentors, academics and governmental agencies.

AUIC provides practical support to entrepreneurs to help them experiment, incubate and accelerate their ideas and provide access to a network of international innovation partners and routes to market.