AU Celebrates Fifth Annual Demo Day Squid Game Style!

Wednesday, Mar 02, 2022
AU Celebrates Fifth Annual Demo Day Squid Game Style!

Ajman University’s brightest innovators demonstrated their cutting-edge entrepreneurial ideas at the 5th annual Demo Day competition. Inspired by the famous TV series, Squid Game, our pioneers trained for survival in the UAE’s startup ecosystem. Where else is innovation showcased more than the UAE, the land of opportunities!

The event was organized by Ajman University’s Innovation Center, which has prestigious accreditations by Dubai SME, Global Innovation Institute (GINI) and Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IKE Institute). Since 2016, the innovation center has completed 6 incubation cycles, hosted 66 workshops, and offered over 960 hours of mentorship and accelerated 115 startups.

For the past weeks Squid Game cosplay soldiers took over the campus and invited students to join the Demo Day. As part of the UAE’s strategic vision, February is dedicated as the official month of innovation. Despite being an online event due to the prevalence of Covid-19, spirits were high.

Winners were announced across various categories including The Best Mobile Application Startup (Central Parks), Best Sustainability Solution Startup (Undergroundwater Detector), Best Educational Solution Startup (Classat), Best Covid-19 Solution Startup (Sketshare), Best Safety Solution Startup (E-path), Best Education Content Startup (K-steam), Best prototype startup (Sleep Paralysis), Best Disability Solution Startup (A wearable detection system using AI), Best Humanity Solution Startup (Fair Justice), Best Healthcare Solution Startup (NFC Bracelet), Best Health Preventing Solution Startup (Textneck) and Best Online Platform Startup (SpotBay). Congratulations to all the winners of the Demo Day!

The Demo Day concluded with an invitation to investors and the public to visit startup booths and further explore the bright ideas. We are proud of the innovative creations of our AU community that will contribute to the UAE’s long-term vision and Make it Happen!