Study in the UAE: What can you expect from Student Life in Ajman?

Thursday, Sep 08, 2022
Study in the UAE: What can you expect from Student Life in Ajman?

Ajman University (AU) was recently featured on leading education news website, The news feature highlights some of the interesting aspects of student life at AU and why it’s such a great idea for both local and international students to choose to study at AU. See the original article below. You can also access this article on, where it was originally published.

The Emirate of Ajman is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s home to some of the world’s best universities, including Ajman’s top-ranked university, Ajman University, which places eighth in the UAE according to the most recent QS Arab Region University Rankings. 

Located along the Persian Gulf, Ajman is the emirate’s capital city, just half an hour’s drive from Dubai’s airport. It is also the fifth largest city in the UAE after Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain.

If you are considering studying in the UAE, you may be wondering what it’s like to be a student in Ajman. Read on to discover four things you can expect from student life in Ajman.

A diverse, cultural student experience and opportunities to take part in activities   

Student life in Ajman is incredibly varied, with plenty of opportunities to try new things and get involved. Ajman’s 20-mile expanse of white sandy beaches make for a relaxing place to unwind after lectures, and the city boasts many areas for shopping, dining and cultural activities.

The city’s universities also offer many opportunities to try new activities. Ajman University offers more than 50 cultural clubs, which are attended by students from more than 30 different nationalities. 

The university also hosts regular events to showcase the diversity and intercultural nature of its students, such as the Global Day 2022, in which members of student clubs offer glimpses of their own diverse cultures through creatively designed props and cultural activities.

Ajman University chancellor, Dr Karim Seghir said: “Ajman University students, graduates and alumni are global achievers who are called upon to work across different regions of the world. 

“Diversity and cultural sensitivity are some of the key values that AU inculcates in its students, which makes them successful in diverse workplaces and cultures.”

Ajman University’s diverse community has led its students to impressive achievements. For example, Ajman University College of Pharmacy alumna Areej Jadallah got involved in humanitarian work in Syria, organising free medical days for refugees to help them fight disease and stay healthy in challenging living conditions.   

A luxurious student experience

Ajman boasts stunning campuses which use state-of-the-art technology to ensure the intellectual and physical wellbeing of its students. 

Ajman University’s sustainability-focused campus has a brand-new Student Hub. This sleek building encompasses study spaces, a library, a food court and admissions office. Students can also get help with both their mental and physical health, thanks to easily accessible counselling services and health services.

The university’s student accommodation provides comfortable, luxury living spaces for its students. The accommodation features hi-tech security, a fully equipped gym, dedicated study desks, big screen LED TVs, and green, open spaces, creating an inviting space for students to socialise and study.  

A strong focus on sustainability across all aspects of student life

Sustainability is an important focus for universities in Ajman, and students are encouraged to work together to ensure sustainable practices.

To minimise the university’s environmental impact and offset its carbon footprint, Ajman University is taking ongoing efforts to work towards a carbon neutral campus by 2030. 

As part of this goal, Ajman University’s Green Campus Initiative was launched earlier this year. The initiative highlights AU’s commitment to nurturing a safe and healthy working environment. More than 20 students from the university shared their ideas about how to make AU campus greener.

The school’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) also took part in Emirates Environmental Group’s “One Root, One Communi-Tree” recycling program.

Innovative learning that will push your boundaries

Ajman University likes to push the boundaries of learning by creating new and innovative ways to help students learn. 

This year, Ajman University hosted a Squid Game-inspired competition, where candidates took part in a Demo Day to fight for survival in the UAE’s start-up ecosystem. The day ended with an invitation to investors and the public to take a look at the candidates’ start-ups. 

As part of the university’s innovative learning, Ajman University teamed up with leaders in the gaming industry to offer courses in video game development to its students.