Ajman University, BEEAH Education Award Students’ Innovations for Sustainable Future

Wednesday, Nov 08, 2023
Ajman University, BEEAH Education Award Students’ Innovations for Sustainable Future

The College of Business Administration at Ajman University and The Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability (IEMS), a venture of BEEAH Education, have announced the winners of their competition "Sustainability for Entrepreneurship Innovation" to spotlight the sustainability innovations of aspiring graduates from the university.

During the four-day event, students from the university took part in a series of workshops and gained practical insights to curate innovative ideas around sustainability.

During the finale, held at the BEEAH Headquarters, students had the opportunity to present their ideas to a panel of esteemed judges, including experts from BEEAH and Ajman University. Three winning ideas were selected for highlighting unique possibilities to drive sustainability across major sectors.

Students Maryam Yaser, Shahd Albuali, and Shirin Ibrahim won first place for their concept "GREENSIP". Their inventive beverage bottle is made from PHA, a plastic with biodegradable properties, housing a plantable seed. The prototype has the potential to redefine packaging design to be more environmentally friendly and contribute to the planting of seeds with proper disposal.

Aya Babbili and her team won second place for "AIRQUATIC". Using an advanced system with sophisticated sensors, the prototype enables sustainable filtration while tackling pollutants and supporting cleaner air and water.

Rouneida Yasmine and her team claimed the third spot for their "BIOFAB" concept, which is a bio-machine that uses cooking oil for biodiesel to create a plantable bio-fabric, supporting sustainable fashion and circular product design.

IEMS delivered professional courses on sustainability and the circular economy and entrepreneurship and innovation. Participants in the competition were also invited on a tour of BEEAH Group's cutting-edge waste management complex, touring the several specialised waste processing facilities and the adjacent Sharjah Waste to Energy plant, leading to the regional record of 90% landfill waste diversion in the emirate.

Speaking at the event, Hind Al Huwaidi, Chief Education Officer at BEEAH Group, said, "Our youth play an important role in translating the actions being made today, particularly during the upcoming COP28, into lasting positive change for the coming generations. Through this competition in collaboration with Ajman University, we are spotlighting innovative ideas from these students and encouraging them to further develop their concepts for implementation in the UAE and beyond."

Dr. Akinola Fadahunsi, Dean of the College of Business Administration at Ajman University, stated, "Through this competition held with IEMS and BEEAH Education, we hope to inspire our students in harnessing their intellectual and entrepreneurial potential in supporting the UAE's ambitions for sustainable development and setting an example for the student community in the region and across the world."