AUIC’s IDEA Competition sees Innovative Startup Ideas emerge

Tuesday, Dec 08, 2020
AUIC’s IDEA Competition sees Innovative Startup Ideas emerge

Holding steadfast on its commitment to fostering innovation, Ajman University Innovation Center (AUIC) held its annual IDEA Competition virtually this year on November 1. The event saw a host of brilliant ideas contributed by students and aspiring start-ups, across new and emerging topics such as IoT, AI and robotics that focused on resolving complex business, social and humanitarian issues.

In total, 23 ideas were submitted and judged by a panel of top-notch industry experts and innovative entrepreneurs. The panel consisted of Prof. Khaled Assaleh, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Ajman University; H.H. Sheikha Noora Al Noaimi, Director, Ajman X; Dr. Chuloh Jung, Director, AUIC; Mohammed Baloola, Deputy Director, AUIC; David Beck, Director, GCCEI; Inga Ulmane, Head, LIAA; Alexander Yeremeev, Managing partner, Product Vision; Dr. Ko Young Kyung, Professor, Sunway University and Ms. An Ryeong, Senior Manager, KOTRA Dubai Office.

Some of the top ideas to emerge out of the competition were Openhub, an aggregator that integrates order data across sales and delivery channels; and SteriSun, a handheld UVC sterilizer that claims to kill corona virus within 30 seconds using UVC LED technology.

The final winners will be announced on the Startup Graduation Day, the schedule of which will be announced later.