Expectations for Residents

Expectations of Residential Students 

  • Ensure that all submitted documents provided are true and exact. 
  • Comply with room-shifting regulations, as per the financial policy. 
  • Maintain the room and furniture in a way that keeps both clean and undamaged. 
  • Avoid disturbing the other residents with loud music or noise.
  • Keep valuable belongings safe. The Hostel office is not liable for any lost property. 
  • Comply with leave-permission procedures (female students only).
  • Confirm evening check-in on time (female students only).

 Safety Measures 

  • A comprehensive evacuation mock drill plan displayed on each room/floor as requested by the General Directorate of Civil Defense in Ajman.
  • Residents get proper training to exercise caution when using electrical, gas or fire equipment and are fully responsible for any misuse.
  • All fire extinguishing equipment is available in compliance with international safety standards.
  • There are specific rooms in the dorms which are suitable for wheelchair access and offer support to students with special needs.
  • An Emergency Plan has been established that takes into consideration the requirements for students with special needs


  • Having pets and birds.
  • Having or consuming tobacco, shisha/hookah, alcohol or drugs.
  • Burning incense or candles.
  • Dressing indecently outside the room.
  • Receiving external visitors in rooms – with the exception of mothers or sisters in the female hostel and fathers or brothers in the male hostel. Family visiting times are limited.