Executive Director's Message

Ajman University (AU) is committed to excellence through continuous self-assessment and continuous improvement of academic and non-academic units.

The Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness (OIPE) is responsible for promoting, monitoring and evaluating AU’s culture of assessment. The OIPE develops, implements, and monitors the quality enhancement plan with the involvement of all stakeholders. The OIPE has four units: Institutional Research, Institutional Planning and Effectiveness, Accreditation and University Ranking, and Compliance.

The OIPE shares the results of institutional research and analyses of effective planning, budgeting, and improvement across all units of the University. The Unit of Assessment and Effectiveness coordinates with colleges for planning and carrying out the assessment of students’ learning outcomes for all academic programs. The Unit of Accreditation and University Ranking stands as a liaison between the University and the CAA, Ministry of Education, on all academic and non-academic issues. The Unit of Compliance ensures that all institutional documents are in good quality and are in full compliance with the Standards of the CAA and relevant international accreditation agencies. The OIPE also contributes to enhancing the visibility and positioning of the University through its efforts to attain higher rankings in the Arab region and worldwide.

Under OIPE, an Institutional Effectiveness Committee (IEC) has been formed to play an important role in the entire assessment and improvement process. The IEC guides and monitors university-wide assessment and evaluation processes to achieve continuous improvement. The IEC oversees the College Effectiveness Committees (CECs) which in turn monitor the assessment processes conducted by the department-level Assessment and Continuous Improvement Committees (ACICs) and evaluate their effectiveness.

The OIPE invites all stakeholders to provide their valuable feedback for continuous improvement of the assessment and evaluation processes at Ajman University.

Prof. Mustahsan Mir
Executive Director
Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness