The 9th Annual Academy for Global Business Advancement (AGBA) World Congress

When: Monday, March 19, 2012 09:00 AM
Where: Sheikh Zayed Hall at Ajman Campus


This conference will be conducted in cooperation with the Academy for Global Business Advancement
Established in the State of Texas, USA, as a “Not- for- Profit” organization in 2000, AGBA is proud to
boast today a membership of more than 1000 members based in more than 50 countries, that include
scholars from reputed academic institutions, corporate leaders, consultants, governmental officials
and entrepreneurs based in western and development.

AGBA, as a global organization, aims to help academics and scholars at business schools across the
developing countries to connect with the western/developed world for mutual benefit.
The primary goal of the conference is to provide a unique global platform and a forum to facilitate
the exchange of leading edge ideas for effective advancement of knowledge in business and
entrepreneurship development. This will be achieved through multi-disciplinary presentations and
discussions of current business and development issues in developing and developed countries.
The conference will feature competitive papers, work in progress papers, doctoral colloquium papers
and special panel sessions. Submissions will be subjected to a double-blind review process and will
be published in the refereed conference proceedings.
The conference will present papers that address the conference theme as well as all functional
areas of business and entrepreneurship. While the general focus is global perspective, papers with a
national and/or regional focus are also accepted.

The conference tracks include: Islamic Banking and Finance Economic Development, Global
Business Environment, Off shoring and Outsourcing, Entrepreneurship, International Law, Marketing,
Human Resource Management, Impact of Technologies, E-Commerce and E-Business, International
Supply Chain, International Strategy, Cross-Cultural Management, Organizational Development,
Multinational Corporations, Ethics and Social Responsibility, Tourism and Hospitality, and Accounting
and Auditing.

Contact: Dr. Mohammed Shaker
Email :