Important Health Documents Links Procedures and Steps

For medical clinic services: General Information click here

  • Medical Clinic Location: Student Hub Building Ground Floor
  • Clinic Timings: Campus clinic 9 am - 6 pm, hostel clinic 5 pm - 9 am
  • Contact Number: +971 6 7056294, 6 7056773, 6 7056733, 6 7056315, 6 705 6732

Medical checkup instructions and discount details click here

To send the fitness certificate/ Medical Reports/Sick leaves: E- mail ID:

For Medical Checkup Form click here

Kindly collect your completed medical fitness certificate

(medical checkup main page with the student photo) and

Submit it on ORS - E Request by following the cycle below:

  1. Open ORS system (
  2. Enter your username and password (Your username is your AU ID)
  3. Click on E-Requests
  4. Go to “All Requests” on the left pane menu
  5. Click on New Request
  6. Go to “Request Category
  7. Select Admission
  8. Go to “Request type”
  9. Select “Submission of the Medical Checkup Report Document”
  10. Then proceed.

Once the request has been submitted, the office of Medical Services will validate the document, then will send it to office of Admission & Registration, and student

will receive a notification of completion.

Covid 19 Procedure for campus access please follow the guideline click here

Submit COVID-19 Test Results through ORS click here

Updating COVID 19 Vaccination Information click here