Ajman University Fifth Research Conference Honors 17 Male Students

Sunday, May 24, 2009

 The Council of Research, Information, and Training at Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST) held its Fifth Approach Student Scientific Conference with the participation of more than one hundred students presenting various research projects. These research projects were supervised by an elite of AUST faculty members all of whom are well versed in research and training. The young researchers presented their research projects to the jury members, supervisors, Deans and students.

After assessing all the competing projects, Dr. Ahmed Ankit, AUST Vice-President for External Relations and Cultural Affairs, delivered an address on behalf of H.E. Dr. Saeed Abdullah Salman, in which he thanked the organizers of and participants in the conference and stated that this research event is an interpretation of one of the five fundamental components distinguishing the vision of the University. He considered that holding a research conference in such continuity indicates that it has been successful. He added: "Research is necessary for the development of every nation. We do believe that once students join the University, they become researchers who are able to produce rather than learn". Dr. Ankit concluded by addressing the students: "I do believe you will have bright future, and it is important that you enjoy your research and do it for the sake of it!"

As a token of appreciation and recognition, Prof. Yusuf Mahmoud and Dr. Omar Attef, Chairman and Secretary General of the Council of Research, Information and Training, presented gifts to the judges and the members of the jury, then announced the names of the winning students and the theme of their research. "the Uses of SMS Messages by Students" was the theme of the wining research at the College of Information, Mass Communication and Humanities and was conferred to Mr. Bilal Al Fares. The best research in the College of Business administration was themed "International Islamic Financial Institutions" prepared by Mr. Khaled Yusuf. The best research in the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences went to Mr. Yusuf Shamsuddine and Hazem Shuqfa for their joint research on "Saccalerin and Cancer". Mr. Hany Mohamed Zakout, Ibrahim, Nizar, Mohamed, Amin, and Ali from the College of Engineering were awarded the best researches for their projects "TV Station" and "Remote Health Care Control". The best research for the College of Law was given to Mr. Saeed Marzouk Hassan Hameedy for his research themed "Human Trafficking". The winning researches in the College of Dentistry were themed "Newly Design Orthodontic Cephalometric Protractor" made by Mr. Amir Afshari and Mr. Reda Khezer, and "Microbial Contamination of the Dental Unit Water System in Teaching Dental Clinics" prepared by Mr. Mohamed Moussa, Mr. Abdullah Al Qassab and Mr. Wessam Ali.

At the end of the conference, Dr. Omar Attef congratulated all the students on the scope and depth of their research and commended the dedication they have shown to increase the available knowledge in innovative topics.