AUIC holds Insightful Workshop Series

Friday, Jan 12, 2018
AUIC holds Insightful Workshop Series

Ajman University Innovation Centre regularly holds workshops for AU students, staff, faculty members and general public. It is part of its endeavor to promote the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship amongst the youth, through specialized workshops from industry experts.

In s session on mental health organized in association with Hope UAE and Health Clinic DMCC, it raised awareness about the importance of mental health and alerted the participants on vital signs to look out for. The workshop held at Ajman University witnessed participation from diverse audience and addressed a lot of issues and anxieties faced by the students regularly. The therapists outlined key methods and techniques to prevent depression or reduce its negative effects. This proved to be a positive initiative that was fruitful to the community for it shed light on subject not popularly spoken about in public.

AUIC also held a full-day hands-on session, to learn the latest and greatest about Adobe Premiere Pro. From YouTube to Hollywood, TV to film festivals, Premiere Pro has transformed the way we create films and videos. The workshop also covered Adobe’s new software package, as well as tips & tricks for working with Adobe programs, such as Adobe stock and Adobe photo shop CC 2018. The insightful and interesting workshop was conducted by Joe Karkour, Senior Business Manager at Adobe MENA. He shared his knowledge and expertise in guiding students, staff, doctors, alumni and attendees from public.

AUIC will continue to host diverse workshops by global phenomenal speakers and organizations, to find out more visit,