Ajman University welcomes renowned technology influencer Gaurav Chaudhary

Tuesday, May 25, 2021
Ajman University welcomes renowned technology influencer Gaurav Chaudhary

Ajman University honored renowned technology influencer Gaurav Chaudhary in an inauguration ceremony held on campus. Chaudhary was presented with a trophy in honor of his achievements in social media and technology, and Ajman University Chancellor Dr. Karim Seghir delivered a moving tribute to Chaudhary’s accomplishments.

Known globally as the 'Technical Guruji', Chaudhary is a Dubai-based businessman and social media personality. He is well known for his technical expertise and love for the latest gadgets and gizmos. His profound interest in evolving technologies led him to start a YouTube channel, aptly named Technical Guruji. The channel has more subscribers than any other technology-based channel on Internet, more than 2.8 Billion views and over 3700 videos uploads. Chaudhary has more than 30 million followers across YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Chancellor Seghir expressed his pride in hosting and honoring Chaudhary, saying “We at Ajman University are always seeking excellence in every aspect. After winning the Ellucian impact award for innovation 2020 as well as helping our students during the pandemic, we are aiming to attract youth and students from all over the world to our innovative campus at Ajman University. This goal couldn’t be done without the involvement of Gaurav Chaudhary along withhis social media platforms and word of mouth. We are grateful to him for his significant contribution.”

During the visit, Chaudhary toured a number of Ajman University facilities, including the Biomedical Engineering Lab where they he viewed student projects.    Additionally, Chaudhary visited the College of Architecture where he explored the 3D printing lab and the lightening lab.

Chaudhary also visited the Sheikh Zayed Center, which houses the Covid-19 Testing and Vaccination center operated in collaboration with Tamouh Health Services, the Innovation Center, and the new admission venue at Sheikh Zayed Center.

By the end of his tour, Chaudhary expressed interest in collaborating with AU on many levels. “ I am truly impressed with the innovation and high standards that the university adheres to and I encourage my Indian community parents and their kids to consider Ajman University as one of their studying options.”