Training on Latest 3D Imaging Equipment at Dentistry College

Monday, May 08, 2017
Training on Latest 3D Imaging Equipment at Dentistry College

Training and Radiology Center at the College of Dentistry, Ajman University organized a training session on the latest “Panorama” imaging devices and 3D radiology for intra oral radiography. Along with the 3D x-ray, the sophisticated  x-ray device cs8100sc3D which features a dual imaging feature was also trained on.

Training session lasted for two weeks, presented by Mr. Ahmed Alviade, Regional Director for Maintenance & Training at Care Stream. He stressed that the devices are very important in diagnosis and the treatment in the field of Dentistry. The dental implants operations rely heavily on the scanning to achieve maximum accuracy in their treatment. These devices provide accurate images and contribute constructively to reducing the number of sessions along with reduced exposure to the radiation they can be subjected to for x-rays from different angels.

Mr. Ahmed explained that this device is the first of its kind in the region, and Ajman University has the honor of receiving it before its official launch in the market. This comes aligned with the continuous cooperation agreement between the two entities. The training session is attended by many dentists, engineers, technicians hailing from many countries across the Middle East. The technicians will be trained on the installation and maintenance of these machines whereas the Doctors will get a first-hand experience of using the equipment for imaging before operation.

In this context, Dr. Salem Abu Fanas, Dean, College of Dentistry stated that the University spares no efforts in supporting the College and its endeavors to impact practical knowledge to its students and faculty.  He pointed out that the cooperation between Care Stream and AU aims to provide the best treatment for the patients whilst training students and faculty members of the latest equipment in the market. It gives our alumni an added advantage in the field of Dentistry.