Ajman University Holds “Together We Can” Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022
Ajman University Holds “Together We Can” Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

On the occasion of the Global Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Ajman University (AU) and Burjeel Specialty Hospital jointly hosted two webinars to raise awareness about the risk factors and preventative measures against breast cancer.

The campaign held under the theme “Together We Can,” was organized by the AU Office of Development and Alumni Affairs together with the Office of Community Engagement. The seminar debunked a lot of myths and taboos concerning breast cancer and gave students factually accurate information about the disease and its criticality.

The campaign started with a one-hour session, that brought together Dr. Mehdi Afrit, Specialist Medical Oncologist and Dr. Tasneem Abu El Foul, Specialist Breast Surgeon along with students, faculty, and staff at AU for an in-depth discussion about breast cancer. Topics included informational guidance to raise awareness about breast cancer, providing instructions on how to conduct self-tests and highlighting the importance of early detection

The discussion aimed to explore the level of knowledge about breast cancer risk factors, the common early warning signs, therapeutic approaches, their influential determinants and where to go in case of any concerns or warning signs.

Burjeel Specialty Hospital distributed pink ribbon pins along with free examination and consultation vouchers provided by the hospital for all attendees.

A one-hour screening session followed at the University Healthcare Clinic. The screening included methods to conduct a breast self-examination along with personal consultations and medical advice.

Speaking on the occasion, Noor AlChaghouri, Head of Community Services at AU said: “Such awareness campaigns are highly beneficial to our students and it is a good platform to reach out to young girls and share important messages about health and well-being with them. I am sure that many of our students have benefitted from the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign not just in terms of health but also in learning the importance of being socially involved and responsible towards the community.”