Ajman University Recognized as High Confidence Institution by UAE’s Commission for Academic Accreditation

Friday, Mar 10, 2023
Ajman University Recognized as High Confidence Institution by UAE’s Commission for Academic Accreditation

Ajman University (AU) is proud to announce that it has been recognized as a High Confidence Institution by the UAE Ministry of Education’s Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), becoming one of only eight universities in the UAE to achieve this status.

CAA’s risk-based institutional assessment categorizes universities into High, Medium or Low Confidence Institutions based on their performance in 25 key elements and 5 dimensions of risk including strategic, operational, legal & financial, academic, and international risk.

AU has demonstrated ‘High Confidence’ in its ability to meet all the standards prescribed across these categories in the CAA’s Standards for Institutional Licensure and Program Accreditation (2019).

“With more than 100 higher education institutions operating in the UAE, earning High Confidence Institution status from the CAA is a rare achievement for an academic institution. It reflects AU’s continued commitment to academic excellence and tireless efforts of the AU community to create the best possible outcomes for all our stakeholders,” said Ajman University Chancellor Dr. Karim Seghir.

“This is the result of great teamwork at AU; my congratulations go out to each and every member of the AU community for putting their efforts into making this happen,” Chancellor Seghir added.

The High Confidence Institution status from CAA will entitle AU to less frequent (7-year) review cycles for institutional licensure and program accreditation, cluster-based program reviews at the college level, and priority processing for new program applications, among a host of other privileges.

One of the key benefits for students, in addition to the assurance of top-quality education, is that AU will be able to , which is important in the current fast-evolving global higher education landscape.

“This outcome has far-reaching benefits, not just from an institutional perspective but also for all our stakeholders including students. With this formal endorsement by the CAA, AU will now be one of the select few institutions in the UAE that students can count among their top choices when considering university education,” Chancellor Seghir added.