Vice Chancellor for Communication and Community Affairs

The Vice Chancellor for Communication and Community Affairs (VCCA) is responsible for the design and execution of AU local, regional and global positioning, alumni/community engagement, fundraising strategy/implementation and communication relations activities.

The VCAC primary accountability is to secure private philanthropic support, engage alumni and build sustainable and impactful strategic ties with key partners and stakeholders.

The two pillars of the office of VCAC are communication and advancement. The VCCA works closely with the Office of Marketing and Communication, the Office of Development, and the Office of Alumni to:

  1. Strengthen the positioning of AU on the global map of higher education via managing major events that enhance AU’s image. Such events include commencements, AU Annual dinner, Parent’s Day, corporate engagement events, conferences, etc.
  2. Develop and update databases for the chancellor and VCs including names, titles, contacts of AU existing network as well as prospect clients/ customers friends
  3. Nurture and effective and regular relationship with alumni, parents, friends, and companies that are important for AU strategic plan à donors
  4. Identify fundraising strategies that help AU to grow.
Mission and Vision

Vice-Chancellor for Communication and Community Affairs works with academic and administrative leaders to set the strategic direction for the execution of all fundraising, alumni relations, and communication relations activities. VCCA primary responsibility is to secure private philanthropic support, engage alumni and build strong and impactful relationships between the University and the surrounding community. The VCCA office will play a leadership role in building momentum for the new Chancellor’s vision for the University and the implementation of the new University strategic plan 2017-22.

About the Vice Chancellor for Advancement & Communication

Abdulhaq Basheer Al Nuaimi, Ph.D., was appointed Vice Chancellor for Communication and Community Affairs at Ajman University in October 2016. With his training in reputed institutions in the U.K. and experience of working in a different milieu, he provides leadership of a consistently high standard across the University. Dr. Al Nuaimi works closely with community leaders to enhance the branding & positioning of the university’s image.

Dr. Al Nuaimi previously served as the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs & Community Services, Director of Community Service Department, and Dean of Student Affairs. He has led major events at the University including Commencements, Conferences, Global Day, Orientation days, etc. He assisted in maintaining an effective relationship with corporates, friends, companies, and government authorities that are important for AU’s mission & vision.

Dr. Al Nuaimi made significant contributions to the social welfare of AU students. He plans events that enhance the recruitment of new students, increases the success of students and helps them reach out the wider to local communities. Through these endeavors, students gain valuable leadership and management skills related to successful communication, teamwork and time management.