Great Career Opportunities with a Degree in Engineering and IT from Ajman University

Thursday, Jul 07, 2022 Marwa Al Shekfa
Great Career Opportunities with a Degree in Engineering and IT from Ajman University

In the current, rapidly evolving market, the demand for engineers and technicians is rising exponentially. Ajman University offers a wide variety of Engineering programs, that satisfy the needs of the market and society.

The College of Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT) is one of the largest colleges at Ajman University. The college’s goal is to provide high-quality academic education in both Engineering and Information Technology that satisfies the needs of a variety of fields and industries. CEIT programs are accredited by the Ministry of Education in the UAE and some of them are also accredited by the American Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET).

One of CEIT’s top priorities is to provide a practical, career-oriented learning environment, so that students can gain the requisite skills and knowledge needed to successfully launch a career in Engineering and IT.


Here is an insight into all of Ajman University’s Engineering & IT programs:


Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

The Electrical Engineering program offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering provides

cutting-edge knowledge of all the technical aspects that are crucial to Electrical Engineers. The program provides well-rounded knowledge in multiple industrial areas within the scope of Electrical Engineering. The goal of this degree is to enable graduates to pursue a professional career in Electrical Engineering and to be able to avail of all the possible opportunities in this field.

 There are 3 different concentrations for this program:

- B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Electronics and Communication)

- B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Instrumentation and Control)

- B. Sc. in Electrical Engineering (Power and Renewable Energy)


Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

The Biomedical Engineering program aims to bridge the gap between traditional engineering and life sciences. The BME program is a multidisciplinary program with a mixture of engineering sciences, biology, medicine, and chemistry. A B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering ensures graduates have all the necessary practical skills and theoretical knowledge for establishing a successful career in the industry of healthcare.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering offered by the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is accredited by the Ministry of Education/Higher Education Affairs. This program offers students deep insight into computer hardware, software and networking technologies. Students are taught to develop computer-based systems with the integration of both electrical and computer engineering.

This degree provides graduates with all the-up-to-date skills and knowledge to satisfy the market needs, aligned with new technological advancements.


 Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering focuses on the built environment, structural works, and infrastructure projects. Civil Engineers are in high demand, because they help in creating the necessary infrastructure essential for the growth and development of cities. The B.Sc. in Civil Engineering aims to produce graduates that possess a good blend of practical skills and theoretical knowledge that are essential for pursuing a professional career in Civil Engineering and the construction industry.


Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is one of the broadest disciplines in engineering; it combines mathematics, physics, material science, robotics, and machines. Mechanical Engineers create technologies that benefit humanity; which demonstrate how crucial mechanics is in our everyday life.

The Mechanical Engineering program works on bridging between traditional engineering and manufacturing skills, by applying engineering concepts and sciences to manufacture tools for different purposes.  The high-quality education in this program prepares graduates to broaden their horizons and pursue advanced careers in the mechanical engineering industry.


Bachelor of Science in Information Systems

The Information Systems program is a combination of both computer science and technology and business administration.

A B.Sc. in Information Systems focuses on skills needed for collecting, processing, storing, and providing information. The program provides high-quality courses based on globally acknowledged standards. Graduates of this program are well-rounded and creative thinkers who can solve any managerial or technical problems and employ their skills and competencies efficiently in the workplace.

The current Information Systems program offers two concentrations:

  • Information Systems (Project Management)
  • Information Systems (E-Business Management)


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program focuses on the use of physical devices like computer storage, networking, and more; to help companies and organizations to benefit from the use and exchange of data. The program produces IT technicians and professionals that can come up with IT solutions and ideas that are suitable for market needs. With the growing use of technology; this degree is constantly growing in demand.


Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the science of extracting information and conclusions from raw data. And as many technicians believe, this field is the new future of the digital world. A B.Sc. in Data Analytics focuses on examining variety of data to come up with insights that are critical to business decision-making. The program produces Data Analysts that can efficiently implement data analytics technologies and techniques to solve real-world problems.


Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

The demand for well-trained professionals with advanced skills in Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing. The Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence program offered by AU is a one of its kind program that instils students with advanced skills in robotics, machine learning, and human simulation. This enables them to develop smart AI technologies that can be used in a variety of business and social contexts. Graduates of this program command a dominant position in the market due to their ability to apply AI technologies and solutions to real-world problems.